Friday, 24 May 2013


Thoughts from FP1 and FP2... We were seated at the grandstand at Casino.

Both Saubers were always out on track first. The RBRs are unbeatable around that twisty part of the circuit, although that's obviously not the case elsewhere. Mercedes are obviously able to do stunningly quick laptimes. With Alonso tracking just behind them... It Raikkonen as though Alonso was lining up his race strategy for both sessions.. Raikkonen also, but not quite as close.

On Super Softs, whilst on long runs the Mercs were slow.. on Softs they were quite quick. The Ferrari looked quick on both and Raikkonen was super quick on Softs. These were whilst doing long runs.
I think the difference between Mercs and Lotus was a second or even two seconds a lap..!

Alonso seems to be working out how to get his best grid slot possible, whilst having a lot of focus on race pace.. He must be thinking about making up one grid slot place in the race and looking to nick another if the opportunity arises. Q3 is going to be highly entertaining!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Le Mans 24hrs App updated for 2013

Our popular Le Mans App for the 24 hour race at La Sarthe has been updated for 2013.  This includes all Runners and Riders (some still TBC) and photos of the cars who entered the Silverstone round of the WEC.  The remaining details will be updated before and just after the Official Le Mans test day, capturing all of the missing photos.

It's the 90th Anniversary of the 1st ever race at La Sarthe.  Whilst the Toyota challenge looks to be a little muted at the moment, you can be sure that the inter-team rivalry at Audi will keep things interesting.  The number one and number two cars both really want the win.

In LMP2 there is a dazzling array of machinery and a number of entries, so the action should last for the whole weekend.

GT (Pro and Am) sees the return of the Vipers!  All of the manufacturers seem to have upped their commitment here.  For us the Aston Martin team look the strongest, but you never know...!

The Motorsport Calendar Team are off to Monaco this weekend to partake of the F1 race there!  :)