Monday, 17 June 2013

Le Mans Live Timing Android App has been succesfully launched!

Just in time for this years race, Torque Soft are proud to announce that they have launched an eagerly anticipated and much requested App, a Live Timing one.  It was Beta tested over the Test Day weekend 2 weeks ago.  Some fine tuning and tweaks were made and now it's ready for public consumption.  It has been launched on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.  It should launch on once they've completed their approval process.


More updates to come from trackside, once we're at La Sarthe.



  1. Looks like a fun and useful app, but I don't see any team names. I get 'Entry 456' instead of Toyota... Driver names and time are fine.
    Will this be fixed in time for the race? Had this issue last year too, so I didn't use the app at all.

  2. Hi Mike, yes this was fixed. There is now a 'refresh' data button on the App and it's been totally rewritten to make it more resilient and easier to adjust if the source data changes.