Friday, 1 July 2011

Screenshots and Launch Date

The Motorsport Calendar Android application will be launched on the Android Market as a free download on Saturday 9th July 2011 (the day before the British F1 Grand Prix).

We can also show for the first time a couple of the screenshots from within the application.

The Series List shows the comprehensive range of national and international series the application covers. The user can click on a series name to view the complete series calendar and can also choose to add individual events or the whole series to their Favourites List.

The Events List shows the complete calendar of events for the season, again the user can choose to add specific events to their Favourites List.

As not every user will be interested in following every single event that The Motorsport Calendar supports the Favourites List can be customised to only list events and Series users have selected. Of course events can be just as easily removed from the Favourites List.

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