Tuesday, 26 July 2011

v 0.8.7 Now available on the Android Market

The latest version of the App is 0.8.7.

This includes an updated tablet version, which provides a landscape view of the App. This version also supports increased resolution devices, up to 1280x800.

Minor bug fixes have been applied and some data has been updated, for instance the Britcar round at Donington Park which has now been cancelled.

We are continually striving towards updating the App, to improve it's use, function and form. Quite soon it should be completed, giving Event information which will include circuit maps of each circuit.

Sometimes, if upgrading from a significantly older version of the App, users may experience problems. In these circumstances we recommend clearing the cache of the App. In all cases this has resolved the issues.

Coming soon, calendar integration (paid for App only) and filtering by Month and Circuit!

We will be updating the App for the 2012 Motorsport calendar as dates are announced. This will be included in the free App.

If you like the App please tell others, if you don't like it, for whatever reason, please tell us! We are listening to user comments and integrating them where technically feasible.

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